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6. 3. 2016 | 17:30 back to news

Sparta did a tremendous job in a tough match against Jablonec and even though they were 0-1 down early in the match, Vácha’s screamer from the final moments of the match meant a win for the home side.

David Lafata finally returned to line-up after an injury, and Costa was the only one missing, being suspended after eight yellow cards.

However, Sparta started slowly and after Pospíšil’s first warning, the conceded ten minutes into the match, as Greguš headed in a corner kick from the left and gave Jablonec a 1-0 lead.

Sparta missed a couple of chances with the halftime whistle approaching, Krejčí’s header was denied by Jablonec goalkeeper Bárta in the biggest one. Finally, Lafata’s shot got blocked shortly after, but the captain scored with a rebound to level the score shortly before the break.

Sparta kept their fans entertained, putting Jablonec under a constant pressure. Bárta denied Vácha from a good shooting position, and then was lucky, when David Lafata was centimetres short of hitting the empty net after Frýdek’s clever header.

Jablonec were also saved by the crossbar twice, as Šural hit it with a header and Mareček with a heavy shot from the edge of the area.

Finally, when it seemed that the hope was lost, Lukáš Vácha set the final score with an amazing long-range volley, giving Bárta absolutely no chance in the goal.




AC Sparta Praha - FK Jablonec 2-1 (1-1)

Goals: 39' Lafata, 90' Vácha - 10' Greguš
Bookings: Vácha, Zahustel - Pernica, Rossi, Masopust, Greguš, Wágner

Bičík - Zahustel, Brabec, Holek, Frýdek - Vácha, Mareček, Dočkal (86' Konaté) - Šural, Lafata (70' Juliš), Krejčí (90' Mazuch).
Jablonec: Bárta - Kysela, Beneš, Pernica, Karavaev - Trávník (79' Breda), Greguš, Pospíšil (62' Doležal), Rossi, Masopust - Tecl (88' Wágner).

Match officials: Zelinka - Pelikán, Caletka.
Attendance: 8935.

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