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“We needed Kanga to help Stanciu”

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2. 2. 2018 | 15:44 back to news

We caught up with sports director Zdeněk Ščasný about the latest transfers to the club. We spoke to him about his thoughts on recent signings Guélor Kanga, Florin Nita and Mihailo Ristić, as well as the departure of Martin Dúbravka.



“It is necessary to have Kanga in the squad to help Stanciu, because when our rivals are ready to defend Stanciu, we could have problems. With Kanga we have more variety. However, if these two are not supported by the others, we will have troubles anyway.

I want to say that we didn’t want to replace Tomas Rosicky by these transfers. We needed to have bigger competition in the central midfield, that was for sure. We hope we are on a higher level now and that it will work during the second part of the season. We had to consider whether or not Kanga and Stanciu could play together—if they could be cooperative. And my answer is yes.”


“We tried to have new players as soon as possible, but the first offer on Martin Dúbravka from Newcastle was unacceptable. But we knew that another offer could come, and it happened right in the end of the transfer window in England.

We wanted to be ready for this situation, so our goalkeeper coaches had an opportunity to choose another goalkeeper. We knew that the move of Dúbravka to Newcastle would be not possible without signing new goalkeeper.

The move to Newcastle is such a big step for Martin and we are happy for him. Also financially the terms were very good for Sparta. And I think that we have goalkeeper with the same quality in Florin Nita.”


“Sparta was interested in having him last summer, but Krasnodar was faster that time. We have accepted a good offer from Krasnodar and we have him with us for a year on loan. We wanted to make a transfer for the future. This is the same as what Sparta did with the transfer of Plavšić in the summer. He has a strong potential and we have one year now to analyze his quality.”

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