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We have to be better than this

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18. 2. 2018 | 21:49 back to news

“We did well for both first parts of both halves, but we have to be better than this.” Sparta started the spring season with a 2-0 victory over Liberec. Head coach Andrea Stramaccioni was pleased with the beginning of both halves, but disappointed with the second part. He acknowledged that this was common for a first game, and that Sparta will look to improve.

 “This was the typical first match when you go 2.5 months without playing,” Stramaccioni said. “We had a very good start the first 20-25 minutes. We played how we wanted to and we had a good start in the second half.”

“I didn’t like how we managed the second part of the second half, and this is what we have to improve. We have how we want to play, but we have to keep this way for longer. Of course this is also the first game, our midfield was totally different, and so I can say it was a typical first game.”

“The team was struggling a little bit because Slovan was playing long balls behind our defense, so I tried to make substitutions with Lafata and Plavšić to give fresh energy up front and to be more offensive, and also to send the message that we have to score,” said Stramaccioni.

“We did well for both first parts of both halves, but we have to be better than this.”

“My analysis was that we lost the support from the side couples,” Stramaccioni said. “In the first half they played very well. Of course in our way of playing, with Stanciu, Kanga, and Mavuba, we control the game, but if we don’t use the sides it’s a problem. In the second half the side couples didn’t play in the same way.”

“It is a good debut for both,” Stramaccioni said of Kanga and Stanciu. “They are the interpreters of our philosophy, our way to play. We can say that we are satisfied with them tonight, but it’s the first game and they can improve for sure.”

“From the first 11, Kanga was to take the penalty. When David Lafata is on the pitch, it’s his penalty. But maybe they spoke about it. It seemed like they decided together,” Stramaccioni said of the second goal.

“It’s very important for us that we won our first direct match against one of the top four teams. It’s also a good Sunday because we gained points on other teams. So we keep this good result, but of course the road is long. We have to work on what we didn’t do well tonight and prepare for the game against Slovácko,” said Stramaccioni.


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