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Václav Kadlec returns back home

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1. 9. 2016 | 09:54 back to news

Václav Kadlec is back at Sparta! Offensive footballer returns back home after a year spent in Germany and Denmark, signing a 4-year contract.

Kadlec had been raised at Bohemians, but decided to join Sparta as only a 16-years old in 2008. In the same season, he made his top division debut. Since then, he played 111 matches and scored 32 goals.

In 2013 he had moved to Germany and joined Eintracht Frankfurt. He was quite successful in the beginning of the spell, however, he wasn’t getting as much of a playing time as he’d wish and returned back to Sparta on a half-season loan. He began to shine again and scored nine goals in thirteen mathes.

In 2015, Kadlec changed teams again and joined Danish side FC Midtjylland, which is where Václav returns from again.


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