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Tough defeat

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26. 2. 2017 | 19:47 back to news

Sparta suffered a 1-3 loss in Jablonec, as Mehanović gave the home side a two-goal advantage early in the first half and Sparta were unable to answer.

David Lafata returned to the lineup and Lukáš Juliš had to move to the left wing. Néstor moved to the centre, leaving the right wing position for Konaté.

Sparta didn’t start well and Jablonec opened the score after only nine minutes of play with a lovely volley by Mehanović.

More problems were on the way. Costa had to leave the pitch with an injury, and Mehanović added his second of the night with another nice shot.

All Jablonec needed to do after that was focusing on the defence, which left only a little space for Sparta players. Néstor was unlucky in Sparta’s biggest chance of the first half, hitting only a post with his shot.

Nothing changed in the second half, as Sparta had more possession, but had trouble converting their chances. Konaté fired over the bar, Néstor hit a defender, than the keeper.

When Mihálik scored the third goal for Jablonec, the situation was critical. In the final moments of the match, Václav Kadlec was tackled in the box and David Lafata converted the penalty to set the final score.



FK Jablonec - AC Sparta Praha 3-1 (2-0)

Goals: 9' Mehanović, 20' Mehanović, 87' Mihálik - 90' Lafata z pen.

Jablonec: Hrubý - Janković, Pernica, Beneš, Zelený - Pospíšil (71' Trávník), V. Kubista - Diviš, Mehanović (86' Považanec), Hanousek - Doležal (66' Mihálik).

Sparta: Koubek - Karavaev, Holek, Kadlec M., Costa (20' Hybš) - Konaté (73' V. Kadlec), Čermák, Sáček, Néstor, Juliš (58' Šural) - Lafata.

Match officials: Královec - Mokrusch, Dobrovolný.

Attendance: 4062.

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