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Tomáš Požár appointed manager

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21. 12. 2016 | 14:27 back to news

Tomáš Požár has been appointed Sparta manager for the spring part of the 2016-2017 season. David Holoubek, who led the team after Zdeněk Ščasný has left the club, will be his closest colleague.

Petr Havlíček, who has been a successful Sparta academy coach, will join the coaching staff as well. Tomáš Požár will be representing the team at press conferences after domestic league and Europa League matches.

„We have made the decision based on the second half of the autumn part of the season. We wanted to keep that model, as well as the processes that were in place. I was there, I was a part of them. I currently have the biggest responsibility for the first team’s results and appointing me manager makes a perfect sense,“ Požár said after being introduced to the media on Wednesday afternoon.

Petr Havlíček was the coach of the U16 squad, currently sitting on the second spot in their league table.

“Considering the busy schedule awaiting, we see appointing Havlíček as the right choice. There’s a big clash with Rostov ahead, and we want to be successful. We have a lot to do – study the opposition, travel and lot of other things. While David Holoubek is still studying his A-licence, boosting our coaching staff is a logical step, as we want to keep everything on the highest professional level as possible,” Tomáš Požár said.


AC Sparta Prague coaching staff for the spring part of the season

  • Tomáš Požár, manager, sports director
  • David Holoubek, coach
  • Petr Havlíček, coach
  • Zdeněk Svoboda, coach
  • Stanislav Hejkal, coach


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