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On Sunday evening the team will begin their spring campaign for the 2017/2018 season. The team will take on Slovan Liberec at 18:00 CET on Letná. After Thursday’s morning training, head coach Andrea Stramaccioni held a press conference to give his thought on various topics including preseason, recent changes to the team, and Sunday’s match.


On the line-up for Sunday’s match:

“About the starting line up, I can say that I have almost 11 in my mind, of course the injury of Šural changes it a little bit, but this could be solved also with other solutions. About the first part of the season, of course the bigger changes will be in the midfield because Kanga and Stanciu came, and for sure they will start Sunday, and of course the goalkeeper."

On the general atmosphere and the recent changes to the team:

“First of all, it’s very important that we know each other better. The atmosphere in the team is different compared to when we started, it’s more positive. The guys on the team seem more compact, more one block, one team. In the start, this could be normal because there were a lot of changes. Now we can say with Kanga and Stanciu and goalkeeper, there will be fewer changes.

Also, it was very important that these new players found players they knew here. For example Kanga, he knew Mavuba before, and Stanciu knew Nita and Vatajelu, so they came more like a block of players. Before it was every player from a different country, a different culture, and this can create a longer time for adaptation. We go to take players where we need, where we think that we need, so in the midfield was the main part that we wanted to improve. Also, of course, after Rosický retired.

Another big difference from the first part of the season is that we’ve created a block of young players that before were not so strong in Sparta, but now with Ćivić, Sáček, Kulhánek, Mustedanagič, Drchal, there are like 6 or 7 players that of course are not ready today, but that can be ready. This in my experience, in a club like Sparta, is important.”

On who will be captain this season:

“The captain is David Lafata and David Bičík is vice captain. Of course if David will not be on the pitch, it depends on the appearances, the number of caps. But David will remain the captain.”

On learning the Czech language:

“I have to admit with honesty that it is very very very difficult. I can guarantee that I am trying. Of course for football language, I can say with my players some key words, but to make a press conference or an interview would be very difficult. I hope to stay here a long time and one day to speak Czech but now I am very sorry I cannot speak Czech.” 

On Dúbravka and Koubek:

“First of all, I am happy because when you have two goalkeepers that in six months have such big offers, it means the club did a good job… I can say that for it to be January 30th, to take one goalkeeper like Nita was not easy, because it’s not easy to replace Koubek and Dúbravka. I am happy with Nita... my only concern of course is that I’m trying to help him with video and analysis because he doesn’t know Czech strikers or the Czech league, so this is the biggest difference from Dúbravka and Koubek.”

On finishing second in the league:

“Of course this is our target, and I am positive because we can achieve it. My opinion—what I say to my players—we are not to talk or think about targets. We are only to talk and think about Slovan. Now this is our target. We will be in our stadium in front of our people, and our people deserve to watch Sparta win the games and we know this. So our target now is the next game.” 





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