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The Prague derby ahead, the match is sold out

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13. 3. 2018 | 08:38 back to news

One of the most important games of the whole season is coming, Sparta face their city rival Slavia on Saturday at the GENERALI Arena.

The position of both teams is different than during previous campaign because Sparta hold the 5th position in the table and don’t compete for the first place and we are seven points behind second placed Slavia.

It’s 289th derby between these rivals and the match has already been sold out.

"I think it was obvious there were some changes in our play under the new head coach. We played much higher as a whole team, we were aggressive and we were able to win many balls thanks to the pressing but we couldn't create more chances thanks to it. That's what we have to improve. Especially for next week's derby against Slavia," said defender Martin Frýdek after the Saturday’s match in Karviná.

The last Prague derby, played in September in the Eden stadium, ended with a 1-1 draw after late equaliser by Slavia captain Milan Škoda from penalty kick. We won four from last five matches at the GENERALI Arena.

The 289th Prague derby starts on Saturday at 17:30 CET at the GENERALI Arena. You’ll find the live updates on our English Twitter account.


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