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Sunday evening thriller

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If you expected Sunday’s match against Zbrojovka – who were coming to Letná with four goalless draws in a row – to be boring, you would be wrong. It was a thrilling match with a better outcome for Sparta.

Václav Kadlec and Aleš Čermák were sick and out of play, as well as injured Néstor and Lukáš Vácha, who was not available due to yellow cards.

Sparta had a great start, as Michal Kadlec opened the score with only five minutes of play. Karavaev crossed the ball from a corner, Holek headed it towards the net and Kadlec tapped it in at the far post.

Both goalkeepers did a great job in the first half. Koubek denied Řezníček from a breakaway, Melichárek – on the other side – dropped Konaté’s cross from the right right in front of Pulkrab, but saved the rebound brilliantly.

Brno levelled the score after 30 minutes of play, as Jan Polák scored almost a similar goal to Kadlec’s opener.

Five minutes before the break, Sparta got their lead back. Karavaev had a plenty of time on the right side and crossed the ball to Lafata who hit the empty net.

The captain added his second of the day nine minutes of play in the second half. Josef Šural was brought down in the box and David Lafata made no mistake from the spot.

However, Sparta enjoyed the two-goal lead for only four minutes. Ashiru crossed the ball from the right and Tashti beat Koubek for the second time.

Zbrojovka were eager to level the score once again, but Koubek did a tremendous job to keep the lead alive, denying Řezníček in two final chances of the opposition.



AC Sparta Praha - FC Zbrojovka Brno 3-2 (1-1)

Goals: 5' M. Kadlec, 40' and 54' Lafata - 30' Polák, 58' Tashti

Booked: M. Kadlec, Mareček, Sáček, Lafata - Zavadil, Jakub Šural, Melichárek

Sparta: Koubek - Karavaev, Holek, M. Kadlec, Hybš - Konaté (89' Nový), Sáček, Mareček, Josef Šural - Lafata - Pulkrab (71' Zahustel).

Zbrojovka: Melichárek - Jakub Šural (80' Sedlák), Pavlík, Kijanskas, Jablonský - Zavadil, Polák (75' Krejčí) - Ashiru, Tashti, Přichystal (89' Rybička) - Řezníček.

Match officials: Jílek - Dobrovolný, Myška.

Attendance: 8997

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