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25. 7. 2016 | 20:45 back to news

As the big game against Steaua approaches, the temperature’s rising at Letná. Both Sparta and Steaua know how important the upcoming clash is and will do everything to get the best result possible in the first leg in Prague.

“I believe we’re stronger and more experienced than last year. It’s tough to say, it’s been a long time since. I believe we are ready to make another step, and after our success in the Europa League last season, that next step is the Champions League group stage,” Bořek Dočkal, one of Sparta’s key players said at the pre-match press conference at the GENERALI Arena.

“I hope the last season will help us, but these two matches will actually show us how good we really are,” Dočkal added.

“Advancing would mean we would surely play a group stage in one of the two big European competitions,” Zdeněk Ščasný, Sparta’s manager said.

“We’re supposed to be more experienced and more important international matches recently should be our advantage. However, current form will actually decide who’s better,” Sčasný said.

One thing is sure – it is going to be an exceptionally tough match.

“I was surprised how hard Steaua players work on the pitch. They are creative and very fast in the offence. Away from home, they are particularly dangerious. Sure, they have their own problems – like all teams do – but that’s none of our business,” Ščasný said.

Steaua’s owner claimed he wished for Sparta before the draw and Bořek Dočkal is eager to prove him wrong now.

“Krasnodar and Lazio had wished for us as well. Both of them imagined a different result I guess. The upcoming two matches will actually show, if it was a good draw for them or not,” Dočkal said.


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