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Sports director Zdeněk Ščasný and general manager Adam Kotalík spoke about negotiations with Anderlecht about Nicolae Stanciu or rumours about the transfer of Martin Dúbravka at the press conference after the Thursday's friendly match against Loko Vltavín. What was said?


About Nicolae Stanciu

Ščasný: Stanciu showed all of us and the fans why we bought him. He played only the second half but I'm sure all fans saw he is a very talented and gifted player. He also acts modestly and humbly. I am very glad that such a man and footballer came to us.

He is a great addition to our midfield but I would be very happy if we would be able to sign one more midfielder.

About negotiations with Anderlecht

Kotalík: It was not easy with Anderlecht and the negotiations were often paused due to small details but in the end, we reached the agreement.

We had a specific budget for this transfer and we didn't want to break this sum. We made it also thanks to agents and the player itself.

About possible transfer of Kanga from CZ Belgrade

Kotalík: It's not a secret we are interested in this player. We already reached the agreement with the club but were unable to finish negotiations with the player and his agent. The negotiations will continue but I'm unable to say if it will be successful.



About goalkeeper Martin Dúbravka

Kotalík: Newcastle United is very interested in Martin. We received an official offer for a loan until the end of this season but we rejected it because we want to include an option for future transfer or to change the offer for immediate transfer.

We receive no response from Newcastle so far on this and Martin remains the member of our squad.

About possible departures from the club

Kotalík: All players who are not in senior squad plans have the option to train individually or with the U21s squad but they all have training ground facilities, coaches or physios available.

We are very close to finishing a permanent transfer of Lukáš Mareček.

In terms of Jonathan Biabiany, I talk about everything with his lawyer and the main issue is if he has to train with the first team or in the different training group. We definitely do not want to usurp the player, but we want to set their mode to match the habits of Western Europe.

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