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5. 2. 2018 | 21:01 back to news

It’s been over a month since Tomáš Rosický announced his retirement. Now he is a member of the AC Sparta Praha management. He talked to the club’s website about his new role. Here are the highlights:


New role

“I work in close connection with Zdeněk Ščasný, who was named sports director. I also cooperate with the GM Adam Kotalík and the owner Daniel Křetínský. It is the beginning of something new, and it is very exciting. I have a great feeling about it and we will see how it goes for the future. During this transfer window, I was part of a small group of people who made important decisions. Nothing really surprised me, but it is quite a bit more complicated than I expected.”

About Sparta:

“I was always interested in the whole club. I can be helpful in leading the sports direction of the club, but I am also interested in the whole structure. I care about the values of the club… Sparta needs to be understandable for its fans. The club is full of smart people. Sparta also needs to be responsible to society; its tradition and history are great… This interests me a lot.”

About why the new players didn’t come earlier:

“Of course, we had a different plan. We didn’t want it to take so long… When it comes to integrating new faces, the sooner the better. But I was watching the negotiations from a very short distance and it was very complicated to finish the transfers of Stanciu and Kanga. The general manager Adam Kotalik did a great job… The deal almost collapsed a few times. The most important thing is that these players are here now.”

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