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Single point from Liberec

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6. 11. 2016 | 17:17 back to news

A long row of point losses in Liberec continues. Sparta were one man short for more than a half and despite a couple of chances on both sides, the match ended with a goalless draw.

Sparta started with exactly the same line-up as in the Thursday’s match against Hapoel, and apart from Miller and Pulkrab, mostly juniors were ready on the bench again.

Both teams had one good opportunity in the beginning, Ševčík’s header was saved by Koubek and Holzer fired just a little bit high on the other side. Karavaev and Juliš then missed with their efforts and when Juliš finally scored, his goal was ruled-off for offisde.

Bořek Dočkal then hit home side’s Breite with an elbow and was sent-off, which set the image of the remaining part of the match.

Liberec had one-man advantage for more than a half of the match and sent all his force out to attack. However, even Sparta had a couple of good chances.

David Lafata missed with a header from a good scoring position. On the other side, Koubek made a good save on a nice shot by Baroš. Komlichenko and Vůch also failed in their chances. When Juliš missed from a good position from a counter attack, Sparta earned only a single point for a goalless draw.



FC Slovan Liberec – AC Sparta Praha 0-0

Booked: Breite, Sýkora – Costa, Holzer, Mazuch.

Sent-off: Dočkal.


Liberec: Dúbravka - Coufal, Pokorný, Nitrianský (63' Komlichenko), Sýkora - Vůch, Breite, Ševčík, Folprecht, Bartl (87' Navrátil) - Baroš.

Sparta: Koubek – Karavaev, Mazuch, Kadlec Michal, Costa – Holek, Mareček – Juliš (83' Mustedanagič), Dočkal, Holzer (69' Dudl) – Lafata (72' Pulkrab).

Match officials: Franěk – Blažej, Moláček.

Attendance: 6668.

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