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23. 1. 2018 | 14:07 back to news

Romanian footballer Nicolae Stanciu signed a contract with Sparta and he became the newest signing of the club. We caught up with him after his transfer from Anderlech Brussel was confirmed.

When you came here now, did you remember the game here a year and a half ago as a Steaua player?

Yes, actually I did. It was a nice memory for me then, but I remember everything. I remember the stadium, the entrance, it looks so familiar, but now Im on the side of Sparta, so its better.

You made a statement last year in December that you would really like to cooperate with Mr. Stramaconi and that you really like to come to Prague to become a player of Sparta. A simple question… why?

Sparta wanted me the most, and for me its the most important thing to come to a place where you know that the people want you there, that they are nice to you, and I would like to give this confidence of the people back on the pitch.

Have you talked to Bogdan Vatajelu before You signed the contract?

Yes actually, we talk almost every day now since this, and because we were also in training camp in Spain with Anderlecht so we spoke almost every day. He asked me when I was coming and these kind of things, I also asked about the city and the club, and he only told me good things, so Im really looking forward to playing here.

You know very well that Sparta wants to be successful in the home league as well as on the European stage, so do you think this is something pretty similar to Steaua or Anderlecht? To be part of the most successful, historical club in the country?

Yes, I think about this kind of thing and I say to myself if I play in Steaua, who is the most important team in Romania, a lot of titles, we win them, of course in Belgium Anderlecht is the same, and here in the Czech Republic Sparta is by far the best team with the most trophies. I think also that people love Sparta the most here in Czech, and this really mattered for me because Sparta is a big club in Europe and everywhere they want to succeed and play Champions League, Europa League.



So we in the club are missing someone at the 10 position, the central midfielder… was this one of the reasons why you decided to come? Because you would be the right person for the position or because this position is now open for you?

Yes also for this, but I dont know if this matters the most. Its not only about one player. But I saw some games, I know a lot of the players here, so I really think we can do something good and nice for the club and have good results.

How do you feel about the fact that your transfer is the biggest in Czech league history?

It feels… I dont know. Its not pressure for me. It feels normal and I will try to respond on the pitch with good games and good results for Sparta.

You were talking about the team, do you know any of the other players in person other than that Romanina player? Maybe from the past or you know their names maybe?

Yes, I know their names. Actually in this team of Sparta are a lot of guys who Ive played against. I know, for example, that the midfielder Mavuba was playing in Lille, because on my free time I really like to watch the games on television, so thats why I know a lot of players by name.

What is your goal here? You were talking about the reasons why you are here, but something for the future? What interests you the most?

For me, the goal is that we win trophies because this is what I managed to do in Steaua, even last year in Anderlecht with two trophies, and of course Ive played before in Champions League, a lot of matches, and I really want to do this here in Sparta in the future. I know this year its more difficult because we are a lot of points from first place, but I hope we can reduce that distance and be better in the end of the season.

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