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Hard training sessions in Prague, hard training camp in Františkovy Lázně and getting used to a new team and new teammates. Lukáš Vácha believes he and his team-mates will be able to create the right puzzle and Sparta will be successful under the staff.


During the training you have already mentioned that preparation is a big change. What specifically?

The coach immediately came to the fact that he had his methods and his mentality that he would try to bring to us. The trainings are very colorful, we have added cross-fit, body-building, interval running and everything is very intense. Another is getting fitness, both in terms of running and playing. The coach told us in the morning that he was happy with the way we worked.

And in terms of game elements? Was there something specific about that?

Coaches really want us to communicate, which is very important and we are all aware of it. They try to force us into intense communication, players from the back row have a lot to command.

How communication within the team is after all changes?

There is a lot of communication in English but boys from Serbia or Bosnia have a similar language and at the same time they can partly or very well Czech. Things in English are not so demanding and everyone is able to understand to it. I think we can all do it without problems. The coach said he wants to learn Czech and he learns some words, uses them and adds them to what he used before.

So the classic "back", "alone" in Czech language and similar shouts from the field will not disappear?

I think we will still use Czech terms for these basic instructions, but of course we can help with other expressions. I think there will be no problem in that, because the boys came from abroad and ask themselves how to say this and this in Czech in order to have an overview. They all want and try to get the basic instructions and important terms in Czech.

Did the changes, which were made so far in the club, affected somehow the atmosphere in the dressing room?

I think we build some new team structure still. By having a very challenging first two weeks of pre-season, including training camp, I have a feeling that it will bind us. Each of us feels that there is a competition, each of us wants to play but it keeps us at the top. We're one team and pulling one rope. That is the basic and very motivating.

Do you believe it is possible to create the right part of the cabin with regard to a large number of nationalities?

It's on each of us. It is about the character of each of us as players. I think new players have been selected on the basis of character traits, so I believe it will be a good jigsaw puzzle that fits in. I believe that each of us will bring it to the right to work. I do not see the problem when it works abroad, where teams are composed of players from around the world.

Pepa Šural spoke that it is a good preparation for players who have the ambition to play abroad to work in a team led by an international team. You agree with it?

For us, it can only be a plus, but everything will depend only on how we are going to succeed. From results and gameplay. Accordingly, everything will be evaluated. For us, however, it is certainly a very good experience.

Do you think the Czech league will help the influx of foreign players, who also come to Slavia?

I think mainly that the Czech league is still underestimated. Great names come to the league. Stars from national teams with experience and I believe it will be good quality and I think it is a good league card.



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