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One point in Karviná

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12. 5. 2017 | 22:45 back to news

Sparta were close to winning the 28th round match in Karviná after Michal Kadlec opened the score in the second half. However, Holík’s equaliser set the final score.

Josef Šural returned to the line-up, and Václav Kadlec with Martin Frýdek recovered from their injuries and were ready as subs.

Both goalkeepers did a good job in the first half. David Bičík had to make a good save on Budínský’s lob in the first minute of the match. On the other side, Laštůvka denied Konaté and Vatajelu with their powerful shots.

However, the keepers did not have much work in the second half. Laštůvka saved a nice free kick by Vatajelu, Bičík had to move quickly to deny Puchel a breakaway.

Finally, Laštůvka conceded after 71 minutes of play, when Lafata headed a corner kick in the directon of Karviná’s goal and Michal Kadlec redirected it to the net.

However, Holík levelled the score twelve minutes after, scoring from a nice feed by Januška.



MFK Karviná – AC Sparta Praha 1-1 (0-0)

Goals: 83‘ Holík – 71‘ M. Kadlec

Bookings: Janečka - Lafata

Karviná: Laštůvka – Moravec, Jovanovič, Hošek, Kalabiška – Dressler (90‘ Lingr), Budínský, Weber (74‘ Janečka), Panák, Puchel (63‘ Holík) – Wágner.

Sparta: Bičík – Karavaev, Holek, M. Kadlec, Hybš – Vácha, Sáček – Konaté (87‘ V. Kadlec), Lafata, Vatajelu (80‘ Zahustel) – Šural.

Match officials: Julínek – Dobrovolný, Pochylý.

Attendance: 4833.

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