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One point from Zlín

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19. 9. 2016 | 19:37 back to news

Sparta earned one point in a clash of the top two teams of the league table in Zlín. They hit the crossbar three times, but scored only once, thanks to Václav Kadlec’s first strike after returning back to Sparta.

Bořek Dočkal returned back to the line-up, as well as Ondřej Mazuch, who replaced Michal Kadlec as a center back. Tomáš Rosický didn’t even travel with the team to Zlín.

Sparta hit the crossbar twice in the first half – Šural with a lob over the home keeper Dostál, and Lafata with a header. The home side had a couple of minor chances, before Jugas found a nice free kick in the box and beat Koubek with a nice header to open the score.

Václav Kadlec could answer right back, as he avoided the keeper from a breakaway, but only hit a defender from an angle.

Sparta were starting a bit slowly in the second half, but levelled the score quite early. Josef Šural returned a long cross back to the box and Václav Kadlec netted it to score his first goal after reuniting with his former teammates at Sparta.

It could be even better shortly after, but Lafata’s header hit the crossbar for the third time in the match.

In the nervous minutes before the final whistle, any of the chances were converted, and both keepers managed to keep the score intact.



FC Fastav Zlín – AC Sparta Praha 1-1 (1-0)
Goals: 41' Jugas – 59' V. Kadlec
Bookings: Hnaníček, Diop, Jugas - Mareček

Zlín: S. Dostál - Kopečný, Jugas, Janíček, Matějov - Vukadinovič, Živulič, Hnaníček (84' Jordan), Holík – Harba (66' Traore), Diop (90' Pazdera).
Sparta: Koubek – Karavaev, Mazuch (54' M. Kadlec), Holek, Costa – V. Kadlec, Mareček, Frýdek (74' Čermák), Dočkal, Šural (83' Juliš) – Lafata.

Match officials: Franěk – Wilczek, Myška.
Attendance: 5981.

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