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Loss in Olomouc

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26. 11. 2017 | 21:25 back to news

Sigma held Sparta short in a 15th league round match and beat the Prague side 1-0. While Sparta struggled to convert their chances, Martin Sladký scored the game-winner for the home side in the second half.

Sigma’s Falta had the first big chance of the match, as the midfielder escaped Sparta’s offside trap, but could not hit the net, guarded by Dúbravka.

Until the halftime whistle, Sparta answered with Šural’s header a couple of minutes before the break, which was well saved by Sigma’s keeper Buchta.

Olomouc opened the score ten minutes into the second half, as Radakovič extended a corner kick from the left, Sladký found the ball in the scrimmage inside of the box and netted it.

The home side got the momentum and had a couple of good chances, but were unable to convert, as well as Václav Kadlec, who failed in two attempts to level the score. First, he missed the goal completely with his rush behind Sigma’s defence, then he got a plenty of room inside of the box, but got denied by Olomouc keeper.

When Moulis didn’t beat Dúbravka with his final chance of the match, Sparta lost 0-1 in Olomouc.



SK Sigma Olomouc – AC Sparta Praha 1-0 (0-0)

Goal: 56' Sladký.

Booked: Chorý – Šural, Frýdek

Sigma: Buchta - Sladký, Radakovič, Jemelka, Vepřek – Zahradníček (87' Moulis), Houska, Plšek, Kalvach, Falta (78' Hála) – Chorý (90' Texl).

Sparta: Dúbravka - Zahustel, Hovorka, Štetina, Costa (73' Ben Chaim) – Sáček (64' Rosický), Mavuba (87' Biabiany) - V. Kadlec, M. Frýdek, Vatajelu - Šural.

Match officials: Královec - Wilczek, Hájek

Attendance: 11028

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