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14. 12. 2015 | 14:48 back to news

As the draw in Nyon decided, Sparta are going to travel to Krasnodar for the next phase of the Europa League. „A dangerous opponent with a lot of quality,“ players agree with the coach.

„It’s going to be tough. Krasnodar won their group ahead of Dortmund, and defeated them at their stadium. We need to start learning as much as we can about them,“ Zdeněk Ščasný said right after the draw.

„Their squad consists of players with experience from the biggest Russian clubs, such as Zenit or Spartak, and there’s a number of Brazilian players as well. I don’t want to compare both teams, that’s not really possible. Anyway, we will need to be as prepared as we can get,“ Ščasný added.

However, Jakub Brabec seemed to be more optimistic.

„I knew that our opponent would be tough, no matter who it is. Sure it won’t be easy, but on the other hand, we should have a better chance than against Napoli, for example,“ the defender said.

„Sure, our chances are better than they would be against United. But even though our fans may not know that much about Krasnodar, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a quality squad,“ Vácha said.

Both teams met on a training camp in Spain in February 2014 and drew 1-1. Ten players from the current squad appeared on the pitch, Jakub Brabec played the whole match, Lukáš Vácha only the first half.


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