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I believe in success with Sparta

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8. 12. 2015 | 14:35 back to news

He knows his new teammates pretty well, as he’s been meeting them in the dressing room every day. Now he finally became one of them. Ondřej Mazuch signed a contract valid until the end od the 2019-2020 season and he’s excited to start his fight for the Czech title.

„I believe I’ll be all right soon and we’ll be successful,“ a 26-year-old defender said at his first press conference at Letná stadium.

“Being just three points behind, that does not really mean much. There’s still a lot of matches left and we have a chance to catch up. It will be important to win all the home matches, and then there will be a chance to reach the first spot,” Mazuch said about his primary target for the second part of the season.

He will be wearing no. 2, which his childhood hero – Tomáš Řepka – was used to wear at Sparta.

“He was my favourite defender. It flatters me if somebody’s comparing me to him, he was a great player,” Mazuch said about former Sparta captain.

There was a lot of big clubs interested in signing Mazuch, but at the end Sparta was the lucky one.

“There was a lot of agents calling me every now and then, everyone asking me about what my situation was and if I were interested in playing for them. But I started training with Sparta, who allowed me to practice like if I was one of the players. I’m really thankful for that,” Mazuch said.

I’ll catch up in the winter

“I’ve been training pretty intensively lately. A part of my practice was with the team, another part was individual. But right now, I shoot, change directions, I do everything on 100% percent,” Mazuch said.

He hasn’t played a competitive match for almost one year, but he’s convinced he’ll catch up pretty soon. “I remember joining Dnipro and having some trouble with my groins. But I played some pre-season matches and then all the league ones. I hope it will be the same this time. It’s winter pre-season ahead, so there’s going to be a lot of time to get ready.”

Sparta advanced from the Europa League group stage recently, but that did not have any influence on Ondřej’s decision to sign with Sparta.

“Even if we didn’t advance, I would sign anyway. Sparta is still the biggest club in the country – and still will be. Advancing to the next stage is just a bonus. A couple of matches that will help me to get back to my form.”



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