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High quality international clash

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12. 12. 2016 | 14:32 back to news

After a year, Sparta are going to travel to Russia once again – and not that far from where they had travelled in February 2016. Now, maybe even a tougher clash is coming up.

“We were ready for anything, but this was probably the worst option,” said Lukáš Vácha and David Holoubek agrees: “It will be very tough,” the coach says.

Rostov’s performances – and results, too – were impressive in the Champions League qualification and group stage. The Russians have eliminated Anderlecht, Ajax, and beaten Bayern at home.

“It’s a big threat. When I saw the results, I was silent for a while. But we do not give up, nobody says we cannot surprise them,” Holoubek says.

“Even making the Champions League group stage is impressive these days, and given they defeated Bayern, who are world class, that really means something,” Vácha says.

The players and the fans wished for another opponent, as Rostov will be tough to beat and complicated to travel to.

“It may not be that attractive for the fans, but I’m convinced it will be a high quality international encounter,” Holoubek says.

“It’s not an ideal destination for the fans and I guess there will not be as many Sparta was as in Milan last week. And it’s a very strong side at the same time,” Vácha says.

While both of them believe for the same story as last year against Krasnodar, David Holoubek starts to work almost immediately.

“We’re starting the preparations pretty much right now as we’ll start gathering all the necessary information,” Holoubek adds.


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