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This week we caught up with defender Semih Kaya to talk about the recent training camp in Spain, the atmosphere on the team, and his preparation for the coming season.

The team just had a training camp in Spain, can you say a little bit about how it went and what were some of the things that you focused on in the camp?

This first camp we worked so hard. We need this, and it is important for us because we are the top players. We play for Sparta. We know the situation. So while we were there, we worked so hard, every player worked so hard. 

How is the team feeling at this point, in the dressing room and on the pitch?

The atmosphere is very good. All of the players are very good guys, and this is really important for the team. When I was playing at Galatasaray, I spoke with my friends on the team every day, every afternoon, after training, before training. Sometimes we would go to dinner or we’d make some special night with the whole team. We’ve done that a few times here. We need to continue to do this where sometimes we go to dinner together, or we come together for some paintball... It’s important for the team.



You spent a long time at Galatasaray, 11 years or so, and you’ve been at Sparta since July. How has your time been with the club so far?

When I lived in Istanbul, it was a very hard choice for me to leave there, especially because I was born there. It was my first team and my life. But we are professional football players, and it’s normal. Sometimes we play with another team. It can be difficult, but we are professional football players, so it’s normal.

You've had to come back from an injury that happened at the beginning of the season, how are you feeling now coming off of the break?

Now I feel good. I am ready to play football. I’ve spoken with the coach and with my teammates about maybe making some special trainings, because we are the defending players. We need to be ready to fight on the pitch. I think I have maybe one or two more weeks to make trainings with the team, and after I will be ready for the season.

How have you and your wife enjoyed Prague and living here?

My wife likes Prague a lot, because Prague is an amazing city. I like it a lot too. We came here for first time, and it’s an amazing city with amazing people. They’ve helped me with every problem.


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