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Happy for the first goal

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25. 2. 2018 | 10:11 back to news

A day to remember. 18-year-old striker Václav Drchal made his competitive debut for the senior squad and he scored his first league goal in the 53rd minute of the match against 1.FC Slovácko on Saturday afternoon in Uherské Hradiště.

“I’m very happy I had a chance to play my first league game but I’m not happy with the final result. One point from match against Slovacko is not enough.”

“I found out, that I will play against Slovacko, on Thursday. I was happy and nervous a little but in a positive way. Despite I’m young I think I know how to use my body as advantage against strong defenders.”

“I dreamed about to score straight in the first game but as I already said I’m not happy with the result. It wiuld be much better if we would win.”

“I didn’t expect to be in the starting XI so fast, especially as I’m in the team just from the start of the new calendar year but I’m happy that I played of course. It’s not possible to compare it with youth competitions. Everything is harder and faster but I think I was well prepared from training sessions and I was not surprised by that.”

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