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21. 1. 2017 | 15:41 back to news

Sparta beat Ústí nad Labem 5-1 thanks to goals by David Lafata, Zinedin Mustedanagič and Matěj Hybš in the second match of the day during the pre-season.

Sparta started the second match of the day with David Lafata and Zinedin Mustedanagič upfront, Filip Havelka was captain of the team. There wer also some players from our U21s team like Penc and Traore.

Lafata and Traore were in the first chances just after a couple of minutes but they were unable to put the ball to the net.

Sparta opened the score in 7th minute when Mustedanagič scored with well placed host after great assist by Filip Havelka.

Just only ten minutes later Sparta scored the second goal of the match. Traore moved with the ball to the centre, found Dudl on the right and young midfielder crossed the ball before goal to David Lafata who knows how to score to the empty net.

Sparta scored another two goals before the break. The first one thanks to defender Matěj Hybš after the corner kick and one minute before the break Lafata scored his second of the match after fine assist by Mustedanagič.

Sparta scored the fifth goal of the match in the 67th minute after good work by Lafata who did not let keeper to pass the ball and Mustedanagič had easy job to put the ball to the empty net.

Not only Sparta scored goals in this match as Ústí made it 5-1 in 76th minute after shot by Jindráček to the near post and Budinský couldn’t make a save.



Sparta vs. Ústí 5-1 (4-0)

Goals: 7‘, 67‘ Mustedanagič, 17‘, 44‘ Lafata, 38‘ Hybš – 76. Jindráček.

Sparta: Budinský - Dudl, Penc, Holek, Hybš - Lamina, Havelka, Čermák, Chr. Frýdek - Lafata, Mustedanagič.
Ústí: Tvrdoň – Pícha, Peterka, Zukič, Leibl – Moulis, Martykán, Kateřiňák, Jindráček – Miskovič.

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