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Big comebacks for Costa and Hovorka in the league game against Slovácko. Josef Šural was also in the starting XI for the first since the last pre-season friendly with Vitesse.

Sparta had a first opportunity of the game in the 7th minute as Ben Chaim found Lafata in the penalty area with a great cross but keeper Heča made a perfect save at the goal line.

Stramaccioni’s players were active and Josef Šural had another chance in the 12th minute but his shot ended on the crossbar. And two minutes later Ben Chaim’s dangerous shot was deflected over the bar too.

The visitors had the first shooting opportunity in the 23rd minute when Navrátil made it to the penalty area but Tomáš Koubek made a comfortable save. These two repeated it eight minutes later when Koubek made perfect save after more dangerous shot by Navrátil.

Josef Šural had the first opportunity of the second half but he headed the ball over the bar from close range.

Sparta took the lead in the 60th minute after a well placed header by captain David Lafata who scored his 202nd league goal in the 400th match.

Slovácko had big opportunity seven minutes before the full time as Hofmann hit the post after the corner kick but the score remained the same until the final whistle.


AC Sparta Praha vs. 1. FC Slovácko 1-0 (0-0)

Goal: 60‘ Lafata

Yellow cards: Reinberk, Hofmann, Daníček.

Koubek - Zahustel, Mareček, Hovorka, Costa - Biabiany, Sáček, Mavuba (76‘ Mandjeck), Ben Chaim (72‘ M. Frýdek) - Šural, Lafata (82‘ V. Kadlec).

Slovácko: Heča – Reinberk, Hofmann, Šimko, Divíšek – Daníček, Šumulikoski (71. Rezek) – Navrátil, Machalík (63‘ Sadílek), Havlík – Zajíc.

Match officials: Královec – Nádvorník, Hájek.

Attendance: 11696.

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