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10. 4. 2016 | 22:11 back to news

What looked like an unlucky match for Sparta turned to be a proof of the determination this team has. Coming from behind, Bořek Dočkal levelled the score and David Lafata scored the game-winning goal in the final minutes.

As well as on Thursday in Vila-Real, Sparta conceded early, as David Bičík could not react on Šabala’s long-range effort’s odd bounce and the ball ended up in net.

Sparta put the opposition under a constant pressure straight away and chances started coming. However, it seemed impossible to hit the net. One header by Costa and two by David Lafata went inches wide of Příbram’s goal.

Nothing changed in the second half, as Příbram struggled to get out of their own half for most of the time. Krejčí’s sharp cross went just wide, right after Lafata was centimetres short of tipping it to the net.

Finally Sparta scored the equaliser after 66 minutes of play, when Lafata crossed the ball from the left and Bořek netted it with a little bit of luck, right under Příbram’s goalkeeper.

Hruška then made two brilliant saves to keep Příbram’s hopes alive, and it started to look like Sparta would have to accept only a single point. However, in the final minutes of the match, Konaté crossed the ball from the right and David Lafata set the final score.




AC Sparta Praha - 1.FK Příbram 2-1 (0-1)

Goals: 66' Dočkal, 86' Lafata - 3' Šabala
Bookings: Costa - Štípek, Šabala, Zápotočný

Bičík - Konaté, Brabec (57' Juliš), Kováč, Costa - Šural (82' Fatai), Dočkal, Mareček, Matějovský, Krejčí - Lafata (90' Čapek).
Příbram: Hruška - Zápotočný, Štípek (80' Laňka), Rezek, Mudra, Bednář, Šabala (90' Brandner), Divíšek, Pilík, Hnaníček, Tregler.

Match officials: Proske - Hájek, Kříž.
Attendance: 7204.


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