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16. 12. 2015 | 14:04 back to news

Ondřej Zahustel spoke to media for the first time as a Sparta player – and he loved it, as it has always been his dream to play at Letná stadium.

„It feels unreal, it’s always been my dream to play for the best team in the country. My dream came true today,“ he said to the media.

Zahustel has never played for any other team than Mladá Boleslav, so a lot is going to change for him in the upcoming weeks.

“When Sparta made the offer, I was decided straight away, you simply can’t say no to that. It’s a challenge and I love that. Sure, the pressure is going to be much bigger than in Mladá Boleslav, but I’m convinced I’ll make it. I’ll do my best,” Zahustel said.

Zahustel scored seven goals in the autumn league campaign for Mladá Boleslav and aims to score even more now.

“I think I’ve never been a true striker, but maybe I deserved it. For sure I want to keep scoring. There’s much more quality in the squad right now. I’m that kind of player who benefits from a good work of centre midfielders – and they’re amazing over here,” Zahustel said.

The midfielder already had a chance to talk to Zdeněk Ščasný, his new manager. “He called me shortly before he left for holiday. He congratulated me on the transfer, but we didn’t really have much time for some serious talk yet,” Ondřej said.



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