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Disappointing draw

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Sparta didn‘t manage to celebrate the return of Václav Kadlec and Tomáš Rosický with a win. Against Mladá Boleslav, they were in the lead twice, but couldn’t hold on to it on both occasions and only drew 2-2.

Both players were ready for the match, and while Tomáš Rosický started on the bench, Václav Kadlec was included in Sparta’s starting line-up.

However, Mladá Boleslav denied their role of a compars in both players‘ debut and were active from the beginning. Golgol was denied by Koubek from a breakaway in the first bug chance of the match.

Sparta didn’t start well, Václav Kadlec fired twice from a distance, but caused the away keeper Diviš no trouble. However, Mladá Boleslav goalkeeper made another save on a free kick a couple of minutes later and the captain David Lafata was there to head the ball in and gave Sparta the lead.

Unfortunately, that was not it for the first half. Chramosta slipped past Sparta’s defence, Koubek made a brilliant save, but Golgol levelled the score from a rebound.

Sparta took the lead back early in the second half, as Šural headed in a corner kick by Karavaev, and it seemed like Sparta wouldn’t lose it again. However, that happenned once again, when Chramosta beat Koubek from an angle to make it 2-2.

Sparta sent all out to attack and Tomáš Rosický returned back to Letná, replacing Vácha in the 72th minute. But Lukáš Juliš missed the goal by inches in the biggest chance of the match, and Sparta drew 2-2.



AC Sparta Praha - FK Mladá Boleslav 2-2 (1-1)
Goals: 36' Lafata, 53' Šural - 42' Golgol, 59' Chramosta
Bookings: Vácha, Lafata - Fabián, Diviš

Sparta: Koubek - Karavaev, Holek, M. Kadlec, Costa - Vácha (72' Rosický), Mareček - V. Kadlec, Čermák (30' Juliš), Šural (76' Pulkrab) - Lafata.
Mladá Boleslav: Diviš - Pauschek, Hůlka, Da Silva, Fleišman - Mareš (89' Valenta), Kúdela - Přikryl, Chramosta (86' Klobása), Fabián (84' Kalabiška) - Golgol.

Match officials: Hrubeš - Koval, Hrabovský.

Diváci: 14091.

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