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„Combination needs communication“

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The training camp in Františkovy Lázně shows the direction the team is headed in after Andrea Stramaccioni and his coaching team have taken over. Together with their Czech colleagues the staff prepares trainings in a much different way than the players are used to from the past.

Overall impression? Hard work.

Tactical combinations, high-intensity passing plays in a limited area, workouts. As a part of the new methodology, the players have also taken on cross-fit. Four stops, one minute workout, three circuits. Pushing the limits.

“Very good! Good job,” the coaching staff reacts to how the players cope with the new demands. And they see the results, too.

“I have to admit a lot of things have changed. I’m tired, but still ready to do more work, that’s quite interesting,” said Lukáš Vácha, who already has a plenty of experience from different coaching styles in Sparta.

Almost every training session includes tactical drills, such as constructive build-up of the defensive line, or advancing though the middle of the pitch. Andrea Stramaccioni takes care of these drills himself, often showing exactly the movement he wants to see from the players. He stops the drills every now and then, corrects the players or praises them in case the drill was done correctly.

“You have to talk! Combination needs communication,” he says.

Everyone communicates in English, while the manager also uses his hands, too, to describe the exact solution of the different play situation. In case any of the player does not understand properly, Radoslav Kováč is there to help every time. Czech and Italian coaching staff members all cooperate – Miroslav Baranek plans the schedule with Leonidas Vokolos, the goalkeeper trainings are led by Daniel Zítka and Mario Galinović.

The coaching staff have decided not to play any friendlies during the first ten days of the pre-season. Saturday’s clash with Karlovy Vary in Františkovy Lázně will therefore be the first test this summer. This decision was made because of high intensity in training sessions at the beginning of the pre-season.

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