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22. 9. 2017 | 09:54 back to news

AC Sparta Prague board has discussed the events between the club’s supporters during Sunday’s match against SK Slavia Prague. The board has also discussed possible outcomes for the upcoming HET League match against Teplice at the GENERALI Arena.

AC Sparta Prague football club strongly condemns the violence in the visiting fans’ section during the derby. By attacking the fellow fans, the radical wing of the supporters has crossed any acceptable line. We are aware of the fact that this kind of behaviour does not relate to all “ultras”, as the club appreciates their support and their bond to the club. However, the violence cannot be tolerated.

AC Sparta Prague football club is ready to take the necessary steps to face these acts. We believe the Police of the Czech Republic will identify the violators in the near future, for which there will be no place at Sparta stadium. Current legislation allows us to ban the offenders from our stadium. We are ready to use the option.

With cooperation with the Police of the Czech Republic, all security measures will be strengthened for the upcoming home match against Teplice, as well as the number of security stewards will be raised. The behaviour at the stadium will be carefully monitored with the camera system. The club has been finalising the investment into upgrading the camera system, together with a significant improvement of ways of personal identification.

The board will also pay attention to the security situation in the future, as further system security measures will be discussed, as well as other tools and technologies may be used in order to improve the personal identification at Sparta matches.

AC Sparta Prague football club has been working hard in recent years to make its fans feel safe at the stadium. A lot of good steps have been made in the past, which has been proven by growing attendance throughout the years. Sparta stadium is one of the safest in the Czech Republic. It has to stay that way. The visitor safety at Sparta matches is our number one priority, and we will approach the matter with having that in mind.


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