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Brilliant second half

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13. 2. 2016 | 16:38 back to news

Sparta were sucessful in their first match after league restart in Zlín. Even though they were behind, they managed to score twice to secure a valuable 2-1 win.

Ladislav Krejčí started as a sub this time, being replaced by Josef Šural, who played in his first competition match for Sparta, as well as Ondřej Zahustel.

There was a plenty of chances to see in the first half. Poznar and Dočkal fired from similar positions, both both missed the goal. Dostál then made a brilliant save on Matějovský’s deflected shot and tipped the ball just wide of the goal.

Zlín managed to open the score late in the fist half, as Hájek headed in a good cross from a corner kick and the home side took the lead at the very end of the first half.

Sparta stepped up in the second half and started to put Zlín under a constant pressure. Zahustel’s header hit both goalposts before home defenders managed to clear the ball from the goalline.

Finally, Jakub Brabec’s header meant Sparta levelled the score and when Josef Šural scored another goal only two minutes later, Sparta grabbed the lead and managed to hold it until the final whistle.




FC Fastav Zlín - AC Sparta Praha 1-2 (1-0)

Goals: 44' Hájek - 57' Brabec, 59' Šural
Bookings: Hájek - Costa, Brabec, Frýdek, Mareček
Red card: Bartolomeu

Bičík - Zahustel, Brabec, Holek, Costa - Dočkal (83' Juliš), Matějovský (90' Vácha), Mareček, Frýdek, Šural - Lafata (46' Krejčí).
Zlín: Dostál - Koreš (82' Bartolomeu), Diop (61' Fantiš), Poznar, Janíček (2' Holík), Živulič, Matějov, Hájek, Pazdera, Jugas, Vukadinovič.

Match officials: Královec - Slyško, Wilczek.
Attendance: 5646.

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