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A 1-1 draw with Slovácko

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Sparta head coach Andrea Stramaccioni made three changes in the starting XI for the second league match of this calendar year. Štetina, Mavuba and Vatajelu were not in the starting line-up as Kaya, Kulhánek and Drchal replaced them from the first minute of the match against Slovácko.

It was a first competitive match for Václav Drchal in Czech domestic league and for Sparta senior squad in total.

Both teams tried to test opponents keepers mainly with shots from distance or with crosses but Nita and Heča were both well prepared in all occasions.

Ondřej Zahustel had the biggest opportunity of the first half as Frýdek made a powerful cross to far post but Zahustel hit only the crossbar with a shot in a slide.

Sparta had a four corners within four minutes after the break and the last one meant the first goal of the match. Nicolae Stanciu passed two defenders in the penalty area and Václav Drchal converted the ball to the net from close range. 1-0 to Sparta.

Home side was a very active after the opening goal and dangerous before the Sparta goal. The aktivity resulted in equalising goal in the 70th minute when Tomáš Zajíc scored with a well placed shot from the penalty spot after good cross from the right side. 1-1.

Sparta were unable to be dominant again in the last twenty minutes and had only one chance. But home keeper Milan Heča saved a header by Zahustel and also Kadlec shot from the rebound.

1.FC Slovácko 1-1 AC Sparta Praha

Goals: 70. Zajíc - 53. Drchal. Yellow cards: Divíšek, Janošek, Petr – V. Kadlec, Plavšić, Hovorka. Diváci: 4820.

Slovácko: Heča – Juroška, S. Hofmann, Břečka, Divíšek – Janošek, Daníček – Sadílek (77. Machalík), Havlík (57. Navrátil), Petr – Zajíc.

Sparta: Nita - Zahustel, Hovorka, Kaya, Frýdek - Kanga, Kulhánek, Stanciu - V. Kadlec (82. Mustedanagić), Ben Chaim (62. Plavšić) - Drchal.



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